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The Johnson O'Malley Program is a supplemental program designed to help Indian students in public schools. These students must be in enrolled in a public school or Head Start Program in order to receive service. BIA-operated school students and private school students are not eligible for the JOM Program.

What is the Johnson O'Malley Act?

The act, passed in 1934, has been amended various times during the past twenty years, but its main objective has remained the same: To ensure that Indian children attending public school receive the educational opportunities that would not otherwise be provided.

What is the purpose of the Johnson O'Malley Program

The basic purpose has remained the same: To provide supplementary financial assistance to meet the unique and specialized education needs of Indian children.

The uniqueness and specialized needs are grouped into the following envoiornments:
  1. social
  2. economic
  3. cultural
For the White Mountain Apache Tribe, the JOM Program provides service in three areas:
  1. Career Development Program
  2. RFP Educational Projects
  3. Student Support Service

How does the Program work?

To receive 638 contract for funds, an Indian may contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Tribe contracted the Johnson O'Malley Program in 1977.

Broad general regulations outline the requirements for the contract allowing the progeams to be developed to meet local needs and differences.

There are two main requirements under the Johnson O'Malley Act to assure parent participation and control. They are the Indian Education committee andd the Education Plan.

The Induan Education Committee members are:
  1. Johnny Endfield - Chairman
  2. Sherry Altaha
  3. Lorenzo Aday
  4. Lolita Enfield
  5. Yvonne Redsteer
The Indian Education Committee meets every month. The committee is established by the Indian community and works with the director in developing programs submitted in the Education Plan and approved all programs and budgets funded by the Johnson O'Malley Program.

What is the Education Plan?

The Education Plan is a written document tht outlines the plans for the providing programs to meet the unique and specialized educational needs of Indian children. It is developed in coordination with the director and the Indian Education Committee. It identifies the needs of the Indian children, the goals and objectives to be accomplished, procedures to be followed, methods to be used to evaluate the program as well as proposed budgets and is submitted as part of the contract.

How are the funds distributed every year?

Prior to October 1995, the Johnson O'Malley Program received tis funds by a formula deriving from weight factor and states per pupil expenditure factor. That year's funding formula was $100.36 per student. In FY-96, the BIA implemented a congressional directive to transfer the JOM Program funds into Tribal Priority Allocation activity, thereby establishing a base funding level for the White Mountain Apache Tribe. The transfer of the Johnson O'Malley Program to TPA activity meant no distribution of funds bia per capita formula until such is reestablished. Presently, the tribal JOM Program receives annual funds based on the student counts of FY 1996, which was 2,768.

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