Brief History

        The White Mountain Apache Tribe, the Fort Apache Indian Reservation (in east-central Arizona) was established by Executive Order (1871), and federally recognized and organized pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

        The White Mountain Apache People are categorized as a variety of the "Western Apaches" of the southwest United States with a language that falls under the Southern Athabaskan or Apachean language family from linguistic evidence.

        Our tribe is among the top ten of U.S. tribal nations in total land area (about 1.7 million acres), and population demographics (over 15,000). Larger than the American states of Delaware and Rhode Island, the tribal land area is comprised of over 15 communities located on the 113-mile long by 75-mile wide. The central tribal government, comprised of an 11 member elected tribal council consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chair, and 9 tribal council members.

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