White Mountain Apache Tribal Chairman

Kasey Velasquez

White Mountain Apache Tribal Chairman Kasey Velasquez is very proud and honored to serve his people. His primary focus is to unify the Tribal Council to collectively work together for the Apache people to address and invest in education, housing, economic development and to be transparent. By working together, Chairman Velasquez believes the White Mountain Apache Tribe can achieve a prosperous future that benefits all tribal members.

Kasey’s clans are Bear Clan (Nagodishgizh’n) and Roadrunner (Biszaha). Kasey is married to Alethea (Todecheenie) Velasquez of 34 years. Together they have five children, four grandchildren, four goddaughters and one godson. Kasey’s parents are the late Helena (Declay) Velasquez and the late Andrew Velasquez. His sister is Andrea Velasquez. Kasey’s maternal Grandparents are the late Bertha Thompson and late Lee Declay. His Paternal Grandparents are the late Sella Chinche and late George Velasquez, Sr.

Chairman Velasquez comes from family descendants of tribal leaders. His Grandfather Lee Declay was a former tribal councilman, a tribal court judge, and a police officer. His Grandmother Mary Velasquez Riley (1907-1987) was the first female elected to the WMAT tribal council who served for twenty years. She accomplished numerous important milestones for her Tribe and distinguished herself at the loca, state, and national levels and was honored with the “Spirit of Arizona” (1984) and “Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame” (1988) awards. According to Hal Butler, retired general manager, FATCO (1983), “Mary’s one of the more powerful leaders…she was able to go to Washington…and solicit the help needed…she was influential, outspoken, articulate…her personality and her approach to problems and ability to make people understand her…she could see the problems confronting the tribe years in advance…she’s just a born leader.”

In 2014, the Apache people elected Kasey as the WMAT Vice-Chairman. For four years, Kasey served with the honorable, late Tribal Chairman Ronnie Lupe. Together, they advocated for the federal government to fulfill its promise to provide safe and reliable drinking water to the WMAT people. For the last two years, Kasey has served as the WMAT District IV Tribal Council man (2020-2024).

Kasey has dedicated his life to public service. Prior to being an elected leader, Kasey served as a tribal police officer, school counselor and administrator, substance abuse counselor, and has served on boards. Kasey has earned two (2) Graduate degrees in the Education field from Doane College and Northern Arizona University (NAU), - one (10 undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from NAU, and one (1) AA degree in Justice Administration from Eastern Arizona College.

Chairman Velasquez’s overall passion is working for the people together with the WMAT Tribal Council. Thank you! Ashoog’

Chairman Velasquez is up for re-election in 2026.

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