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The White Mountain Apache Tribe Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Program is a grant funded program created in the 1970”s under the Indian Self Determination Act of 1934 to provide supplemental services to meet the unique specialized needs of Indian children attending public schools on or near the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. 
The JOM Program exists to work with public schools on or near the reservation, which our Apache students attend to maintain cultural identity and language preservation, student incentives, classroom supplies, academic enrichment, tutoring and support services to students and coordinates leadership developmental opportunities.

JOM Services

The White Mountain Apache Tribe JOM Program provides services in two areas:

The WMAT JOM Program works directly with students from age 3 years through grade 12 in the public schools and is presently providing supplemental services to the Whiteriver Unified Public Schools, Blue Ridge Schools, McNary School and the WMAT Head Start Program. 

The Education Plan
The Education Plan is the manual which outlines the educational programs approved by the Indian Education Committee (IEC).  This plan contains the educational goals and objectives which address the educational needs of the Indian Students.  In order for the public schools to get supplemental assistance from the JOM Program, the type of assistance requested must be written in the Educational Plan and approved the IEC. 
WMAT Tribal Youth Council
The White Mountain Apache Tribal Youth Council is supervised by the JOM Program and was formed as a nonprofit, youth led non-school organization and is an affiliate organization of the United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) Network.  Per WMAT Tribal Council Resolution 05-1991-116 the Youth Council serves the needs of youth of the WMAT through activities and programs, while promoting youth leadership development, higher education, good citizenship, service, cultural awareness and cooperation among youth tribal organizations, and the surrounding communities.  Another important purpose of the Youth Council is the promotion of leadership qualities, good study habits, self-confidence, cooperation, and good citizenship among White Mountain Apache Youth. (WMAT Res. 05-91-116). 

The Indian Education Committee
The Indian Education Committee consists of members appointed by the White Mountain Apache Tribal Council to participate fully in the planning, development, implantation, and evaluation of all JOM related programs, including supplemental and operational support.  The Committee serves as the primary committee of the Tribal Education Department and is involved in all aspects of the Tribal Education Program, which includes JOM, Adult Education, Higher Education and Vocational Rehabilitation programs.
The White Mountain Apache Johnson O’Malley Program welcomes all questions and inquiries regarding program objectives, activities and services. For more information, please contact our office at (928) 338-6080.

Harrisen DeClay – Coordinator

Joelle Walker – Student Data Clerk

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